simplicity is key. always.

”Like many people, Slumberville did not think that his career trajectory would lead him to where he is today. The Swedish producer originally studied graphic design and photography and only started making beats after he was approached by some rappers for a design job. Stories like Slumberville’s are especially important in a world that demands near-constant progress toward a clearly defined goal, even though real life is a lot more complex and unpredictable than that.”

”Slumberville, with his three platinum and ten gold selling songs, is certainly no stranger to successful releases. There is definitely a reason why he was recognised as one of Sweden’s “hip hop pioneers.” Not only does his more relaxed creative approach allow him to experiment, he also recognises the value in keeping his art simple, making him a staple in the lo-fi scene.”

Metal Magazine


2018 the start

2019 debut album: ”Lucid Dreams”

2019 ”Honolulu” is the official track for Save the waves film festival

2019 album: ”Imagination

2019 album: ”Mirage

2020 album: ”Tranquility

2020 album: ”Liberation

2020 award-winning composer and classically-trained pianist William Ogmundson performs Slumberville songs ”Aconcagua” and ”Ladybug”.

2020 ”The Ocean’s Depth” a collaborative song with Pulitzer Prize winner and The New York Times journalist Ian Urbina

2021 Slumberville & Radical Face releases ”Family” on Nettwerk Music Group

2021 Slumberville & Family of the year releases ”Let me go

2021 Slumberville remixes Ladytron’sSeventeen

2021 Slumberville & Delerium releases Believe. Slumberville’s take on Delerium & Sarah Mclachlan’s classic song ”Silence

2021 SYML & Slumberville releases the remake ”Ancient Calls”. The song is also the title track for SYML’s EP ”Ancient Calls”.

2021 Slumberville & Jon Bryant releases ”End of the night”.

2021 Slumberville & Ian Urbina (The Noam Chomsky Music Project) releases ”Trust yourself”.

2021 Slumberville & Donovan Woods releases ”I was OK”.

2021 EP: ”Gratitude”

2021 Slumberville & Nathan Kawanishi releases ”Asakusa in April”.

2021 Slumberville over 60 million streams on Spotify!

2021 Slumberville & Lily Kershaw releases ”Didn’t want to go”.

2021 Slumberville & Elliot Moss releases ”Slip (Remix)”.

2022 Slumberville & Guster releases ”Work of art”.

2022 Slumberville & Halie Loren releases ”When we’re dancing”.

2022 Slumberville & Jon Bryant releases ”California”.

2022 Slumberville & St. South releases ”Nobody hurts like me for you”.

2022 EP: ”Abundance”.

2022 Slumberville & Woodes releases ”Forever Young”. You can also watch the official music video here!