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2018 the start

2019 debut album: ”Lucid Dreams”

2019 ”Honolulu” is the official track for Save the waves film festival

2019 album: ”Imagination

2019 album: ”Mirage

2020 album: ”Tranquility

2020 album: ”Liberation

2020 award-winning composer and classically-trained pianist William Ogmundson performs Slumberville songs ”Aconcagua” and ”Ladybug”.

2020 ”The Ocean’s Depth” a collaborative song with Pulitzer Prize winner and The New York Times journalist Ian Urbina

2021 Slumberville & Radical Face releases ”Family” on Nettwerk Music Group

2021 Slumberville & Family of the year releases ”Let me go

2021 Slumberville remixes Ladytron’sSeventeen

2021 Slumberville & Delerium releases Believe. Slumberville’s take on Delerium & Sarah Mclachlan’s classic song ”Silence

2021 SYML & Slumberville releases the remake ”Ancient Calls”. The song is also the title track for SYML’s EP ”Ancient Calls”.

2021 Slumberville & Jon Bryant releases ”End of the night”.

2021 Slumberville & Ian Urbina (The Noam Chomsky Music Project) releases ”Trust yourself”.

2021 Slumberville & Donovan Woods releases ”I was OK”.

2021 EP: ”Gratitude”

2021 Slumberville & Nathan Kawanishi releases ”Asakusa in April”.

2021 Slumberville over 60 million streams on Spotify!

2021 Slumberville & Lily Kershaw releases ”Didn’t want to go”.

2021 Slumberville & Elliot Moss releases ”Slip (Remix)”.

2022 Slumberville & Guster releases ”Work of art”.

2022 Slumberville & Halie Loren releases ”When we’re dancing”.

2022 Slumberville & Jon Bryant releases ”California”.

2022 Slumberville & St. South releases ”Nobody hurts like me for you”.

2022 EP: ”Abundance”.

2022 Slumberville & Woodes releases ”Forever Young”. You can also watch the official music video here!